The Website Design Process

To achieve what your website will do for you, we utilise the core industry tools to develop your Website. There are many quick easy tools and templating options available that help to create a website on the fly. However these websites can only be edited by these tools and do become redundant or fall away over time making your Website redundant. Using Core Tools allows for good coding practice and as a potential Client, you would want to continue to ensure that your coded Website becomes reusable and updatable.

Over time parts of your website will require updating and this can be done without having to completely re -write the Website thereby preventing the add-on of unnecessary costs.

Planning Process

We consider the Nature of the website when planning. The following Questions are answered to determine the best direction taken?

What are your Brand and Core principles?

Who's your Audience?

What's the Website's purposes?

What will be the website's answer to your competition?

What technical features will your website require?

What's your budget?

The required timeline till implimentation?

Starter Website

3 Pages

R1200.00 incl

Free Domain Name ( for One Year

Free Hosting for One Year

Unlimited bandwidth

Fast Access - SSD Drives Raid 10

Unlimited Email Addresses

Design Process

Information gathered from the planning phase is used to determine the look and feel of the Website. The target market is the underlying key to how the website will look. During Construction, the Customer will have direct access to the progress of the Website development. This allows an opportunity for what is liked or disliked on the site design.

It is the most important phase of the project to ensure that your final website will match all your needs and taste. During this process the site is tested and optimized.

The Execution

Final testing is conducted till sign-off. Once signed off, the Website is moved to it's Domain position and set-up with your allocated e-mail addresses.

Search engine Optimization(SEO) whether basic or advanced is conducted to ensure that the Website is recognised by the Major Search engines.

Managing SEO

By optimizing a website for search engines, you are in essence feeding the search engine clues to find and index your website and in turn generate traffic and links to and from your website. You as a Client must be listed on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing when searching for that clients specific product or service. Web Design Studio uses powerful website promotion tools that will help you to achive high search engine rankings, resulting in more customers and more sales.

Web Design Studio only uses safe SEO methods that are approved by all major search engines and all our websites are build according to Google's best practice.  We make sure to optimize your Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Website to rank as high as possible. With the help of Web Design Studio, your websites search engine rankings will rise continually and you will get more customers and more sales.