Custom Mobile Cloud

Mobile Cloud for Who?

Mobile Developers who require an Alternative Cloud for Data to Mobile App Communication.

For Apps that require Push Notifications actions.

Cloud access to the Data through a Statistics measuring Dashboard.

Requiring a Cost Effective Solution to offset Mobile Apps offered free or at minimum price.

Requiring an Effective WebServer Hosting Platform.

Provide a Restful API with a dedicated domain.

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HTML5, CSS3 90%
PHP (V 5.6 and up) 60%
SQL (Mysql,Sqlite Databases) 60%
JavaScript 40%
Json 60%

Developer Requirements?

Mobile devices that use HTTPS Restful access to the internet.

Easily move Hosting without risk of rewriting an Application or loosing existing users.

A Webserver accessed Statistics Dashboard to match Application.

A Domain / Hosting plan.

Options:- HTTPS, SSL for secure communication.