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Great Promotion

Posted on June 22, 2018 by Web Design Studio Team Category: Promotion.

Bootstrap your Website

Posted on Apil 12, 2018 by Web Design Studio Team Category: Webdesign.

In web development this term became popular about six years ago and became an associated name for a website that automatically adjusted to the size of the screen.

Historically, it is hard to believe that the focus had been on large desktop screens with higher screen resolutions.

With such rapid device user change to mobile over the recent years, web developers found the need to offer a single orientated website that also addressed mobile and desktop. This became the most desirable requirement at that time.

So tracking forward in years, a number of different frameworks came to market for developers to address this need.

One which led the change was Bootstrap 3, which became immensely popular about four years ago but whilst it addressed the mobile first requirement, websites became rather stereotyped in look due to its limitations. Most Website developers chose this framework as it addressed the real primary requirement of mobile first which was fast becoming the most used browser access point.

So for today’s market, frameworks had to address this stereotyped look and feel by offering more flexibility. Interestingly Cascading Style Sheets css, used in every website to enhance the look and feel such as rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations, or new layouts like multi-columns has evolved to incorporates added features such as flexible box or grid layout development that suites mobile development.

This flexbox development built on with an evolving bootstrap JavaScript framework is now part of the new bootstrap 4 release. This addresses a lot of limitations that were experienced in prior years, allowing for a more personalized Website look and feel.

Bootstrap has managed to hold on to their huge user base and they will be around for some time to come. So if your website is built using this framework, then you have chosen well. Bootstrap 4’s framework is now a lot easier to customize.

For those existing websites built with the bootstrap3 framework, it is relatively easy to upgrade with the new features of bootstrap 4.

This is why we use the new Bootstrap 4 to develop our new websites. So if you are looking for a new updated Website, feel free to contact us for a free quote…

Writing a Blog - The Checks!

Posted on May 31, 2017 by Web Design Studio Team Category: Blogs.

So you spend a long time writing your Blog and you feel ready to publish your blog… Wait... But Why? Have you really checked that your blog is actually ready for publishing? Mm... Best to resist that urge to post the article and you should consider running through a checklist before pressing that publish button.

So what Should I be checking? You need to check your blogs structure, content and ensure that the blog is optimised for the Search Engines (SEO) that will be ranking your blog. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

What should your mental checklist be and what do I need to consider:-

  1. An impactful Post Title: Keeping it short and impactful including a focused keyword. This will in turn allow the search engines to position your blog in the rankings with the correct Title and Description. There will be many bloggers with the same post topic, all trying to grab reader’s interest. So you have to be one step ahead of them. Tricky or what? Your Title must be able to create an impactful visual summary of what is to come in the body of the Post. The Title must also grab a reader attention and encourage searchers to read your topic.
  2. Set Meta Description: If you blog has this feature, then this will become the description below the title in the Search Area. The description must be clear and concise and descriptive in nature.
  3. Effective Permalinks: These are settings to recreate the original URL into a more meaningful URL that can be tweeted or referenced to in Facebook. Make sure that the permalink settings are correctly set up before you start blogging. A short URL is preferred with key Phrases of your title topic. Should the URL be too long then the blog post may not be found high on the Search engines list.
  4. Adding Images speak a thousand words: This is still true. Add an impactful full- width Image at the start of your blog. This will grab the attention of any reader interested in your topic. When inserting an Image during blog creation use the Alternate Name block for you image. Completing this is important because believe it or not images are also searched on and this will extend your reach to further readers.
  5. Break your Content by using Headings and Sub-Headings: Use the h1, h2, h3 and h4 headings to promote different main topics and sub topics. Besides structuring your content, search engines use these to establish your key-words.
  6. Use links: Make sure that the links are working by testing them. Adjust if they don’t work.
    • Interlink to older posts: This will encourage followers to read further relevant information.
    • Outbound Links: These URL’s point to links of other websites that could be of interest to the readers. Make sure that these Sites have credibility or it will negatively impact on your blogs quality offer and could result in a poor page ranking.
    Always set up you blog to open links in another page. This will prevent the reader from having to re-open your blog.
  7. Enough Text? Search Engines prefer longer worded blogs. Aim for more than 300 – 500 words of text to get recognised quicker.
  8. Proof Read: Read and Re-read and re-edit the flow to create that easy to read article. This is critical. Use Spell check to correct the spelling.
  9. Check for Plagiarism: Refer to this good article - best free Checker Websites For Bloggers. Adhering to this will ensure that you do not get penalized by the Search engines.
  10. Enable Comments: Enable the comments section and encourage readers to interact. Readers tend to check other readers interactive questions and answers.

That’s it.

Happy Blogging...

Specials Valid to 31 July 2017 - Three Page Website Deal Continued.

Posted on April 01, 2017 by Web Design Studio Team Category: Deals.

A three page special Website. Price drop from R1500 to R1000.

View the example Webite

Deal Information

How do I choose a Domain Name

Posted on January 17, 2017 by Web Design Studio Team Category: Domain.

Choosing a Domain can be tricky. It requires some thought and once you have created and purchased your domain, this becomes the name that will be used for a minimum of a year.

To change this name would result in loss of your followers and some follows may believe that your site no longer exists. It also takes some time for the search engines to place your domain back with all the relevant information and your search engine site position will not be where it was. So it is not wise to change the domain name where possible.

So what steps should be considered:-

  • Choose a domain name that is easy to type. Consider the fact that your website will these days be accessed by a mobile phone.
  • Keep your Domain name Short to prevent mistyping and to make it easy to remember. Hyphens and dots can make it difficult to work with.
  • Use a keyword or words to descibe what the domain should be. If it is a car panel beater then your Registered Domain should be example panelbeater.com. It must be the same as a word that many people would enter in a search engine to find out about a panelbeater. Yes in the real world to get a keyword type Domain is nearly impossible, but sometimes there is a chance that a domain search presents you with this option.
  • Localise you Domain name if you are targeting a city or suburban area. i.e. londonpanelbeater.com...
  • Ensure that the Domain Name is not already trademarked or copyrighted or being used by another company which would lead to unforseen legal costs.
  • Research the Domain extensions and how they could effect your International feel such as .com or local feel .co.za. Do not let cost determine your choice as far as possible.

  • Good Luck with creating your first domain name. If you wish to test if your name is available. Use our free no obligation domain lookup....

    Quick Domain Lookup

    Specials Valid to End March 2017 - Three Page Website

    Posted on November 30, 2016 by Web Design Studio Team Category: Deals.

    A three page special Website. Price drop from R1500 to R1000.

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